Dr. Ricardo A. Lebensohn

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Scientist 4, Materials Science and Technology Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory



Address: MST8, MS G755, Los Alamos, NM, 87545, USA

Phone #: +1-505-665-3035

Fax #: +1-505-667-8021

e-mail: lebenso@lanl.gov

Webpage: http://public.lanl.gov/lebenso

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1989: Licenciado en Fisica, Faculty of Science and Engineering (FCEIA), Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR), Argentina.

1993: PhD in Physics, FCEIA, UNR, Rosario, Argentina.


2011: Defense Programs Award of Excellence, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), USA, as part of the Process Engineering and Design for Improved Component Testing (PREDICT) team, "in recognition of significant achievements in quality, productivity, cost savings, safety, or creativity in support of NNSA's programs".

2010: Humboldt Research Award for Senior US Scientists, Humboldt Foundation, Germany, "in recognition of a researcher's entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline".

1997: Fulbright Scholarship. Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Previous Positions, Visiting Positions

Research Interests

Mechanics of materials. Homogenization and full-field solutions of mechanical properties of heterogeneous media. Constitutive laws. Plastic deformation, texture development and microstructure evolution of metals and minerals.

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VPSC (ViscoPlastic Self-Consistent) Code

The code VPSC code (developed and maintained by R.A. Lebensohn and C.N Tome) is a multipurpose polycrystal plasticity research code, based on the knowledge of the mechanisms of slip and twinning that are active in single crystals of arbitrary symmetry. VPSC can be used to predict the effective stress-strain response, texture evolution, anisotropy, etc., and it is presently used as a predictive tool for metallic and geological material systems, for parameter identification, interpretation of experimental results and multiscale calculations, in academic and industrial applications, etc., by numerous research groups worldwide (Presently, the VPSC code distribution list has more than 120 registered users in Academia, National Laboratories and Industry).

VPSC Manual

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Full-field FFT-based Formulation

This formulation (originally developed by P. Suquet and coworkers as a fast algorithm to compute the linear and nonlinear response of composites using as input a digital image of their microstructures) has been adapted by us to treat  3-D polycrystals deforming by dislocation glide. The FFT-based model provides an exact solution of the governing equations, has better performance than a Finite Element calculation for the same purpose and resolution, and can use voxelized microstructure data as direct input.

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Most-cited Articles

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Recent Articles (2009-2012)

70. J.P. Escobedo, E.K. Cerreta, C.P. Trujillo, D.T. Martinez, R.A. Lebensohn, V.A. Webster and G.T. Gray III: "Influence of texture and test velocity on the dynamic, high strain, tensile behavior of zirconium". Acta Materialia, 60, pp. 4379-4392 (2012). (PDF)

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Two papers in the current TOP25 hottest articles list of International Journal of Plasticity

Ricardo Lebensohn Guest Editor of Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering special issue: "Polycrystal Modeling with Experimental Integration"

Ricardo Lebensohn receives Humboldt Research Award

Ricardo Lebensohn joins to the Editorial Board of International Journal of Plasticity

Lebensohn, Tome & Ponte Castaneda 2007 paper in most cited list of Philosophical Magazine

Lebensohn & Tome 1993 paper in top-20 list of most-cited Acta Materialia papers, since the journal's inception in 1953

New Book Chapter:

R.A. Lebensohn, P. Ponte Castaneda, R. Brenner and O. Castelnau: "Full-field vs. homogenization methods to predict microstructure-property relationships of polycrystalline materials". Chapter 11 of Computational Methods for Microstructure-Property Relationships. S Ghosh and D. Dimiduk (Eds.), Springer, pp. 393-441 (2011).

Recent and Upcoming Invited Lectures:

"Different strategies to model microstructural effects on the dilatational plastic behavior of porous polycrystalline materials". Keynote Lecture. Symposium on Homogenization Strategies for Multiphase Materials, European Solid Mechanics Conference, Graz, Austria, July 2012.

"Multiscale computational homogenization of porous polycrystalline materials". Invited Lecture. EUROMECH Colloquium on Multi-scale Computational Homogenization of Heterogeneous Structures and Materials, Marne-la-Vallee, France, March 2012.

"Micromechanical modelling of polycrystals using Fast Fourier Transforms". PRISM Seminar. Center for Prediction of Reliability, Integrity and Survivability of Microsystems (PRISM), Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, January 2012.

"FFT-based methods: towards direct input and validation of micromechanical models using 3-D microstructural data". Invited Lecture. Workshop on high-energy x-ray diffraction experiments and detailed computational analyses for understanding multiscale phenomena in crystalline materials, Advance Photon Source (APS), Chicago, IL, USA, October 2011.

"Modeling ductile damage of polycrystalline materials". Keynote Lecture. IUTAM Symposium on Linking Scales in Computations: from Microstructure to Macro-scale Properties, Pensacola, FL, USA, May 2011.

"Micromechanics of polycrystals: full-field computations and second-order homogenization approaches". GALCIT Colloquium. Graduate Aerospace Laboratories California Institute of Technology (GALCIT), Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA, October 8, 2010.

"Crystal Plasticity Fast Fourier Transform-based formulation: theory and applications". F2M Seminar, Federation Francilienne de Mecanique (F2M), Paris, France, May 6, 2010.

"Modeling LPO evolution using crystal plasticity at conditions relevant to the Earth's interior: exploring the role of dislocation climb". Invited Talk, 2010 Gordon Research Conference on Rock Deformation, Tilton School, NH, USA, August 8-13, 2010.

Recent and Upcoming Summer Schools:

Ecole Thematique "Changement d'Echelles en Mecanique de Materiaux". Briancon (France), August 22-September 3, 2010.

Recent and Upcoming Symposia:

"Computational homogenization of single and multi-phase polycrystalline aggregates", organized by L. Delannay (UC Louvain, Belgium), J. Segurado (UP Madrid, Spain) and R.A. Lebensohn (Los Alamos, USA), within the context of IV European Congress on Computational Mechanics (ECCM IV).

Recent Projects:

ExMatEx: Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments

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