Mathematical Epidemiology - Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Agusto FB, Del Valle SY, Blayneh KW, Ngonghala CN, Goncalves MJ, Li N, Zhao R, Gong H. The Impact of Bed-net Use on Malaria Prevalence. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2013; 320:58-65. (pdf)

Glasser J, Feng Z, Moylan A, Germundsson R, Del Valle S, Castillo-Chavez C. Mixing in age-structured population models of infectious diseases. Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, 2013; 235:1-7. (pdf)

Tracht SM, Del Valle SY, Edwards BK. Economic Analysis of the Use of Facemasks During Pandemic (H1N1) 2009. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2012; 300:161-172. (pdf)

Tracht S, Del Valle S, Hyman JM. Mathematical modeling of the effectiveness of facemasks in reducing the spread of novel influenza A (H1N1). PLoS ONE,2010; 5(2):e9018. (pdf)

Del Valle S, Hethcote H, Hyman JM, Castillo-Chavez C. Effects of Behavioral Changes in a Smallpox Attack Model. Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, 2005; 195:228-251. (pdf)

Del Valle S, Morales-Evangelista A, Velasco MC, Kribs-Zaleta C. Effects of Education, Vaccination and Treatment on HIV Transmission in Homosexuals with Genetic Heterogeneity. Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, 2004; 187:11-33. (pdf)

Mathematical Epidemiology - Book Chapters

Del Valle SY, Mniszewski SM, Hyman JM. Modeling the Impact of Behavior Changes on the Spread of Pandemic Influenza. In Modeling the Interplay Between Human Behavior and Spread of Infectious Diseases. Springer-Verlang 2013; XIII, 329, pp. 59-77. (pdf)

Chowell G, Cintron A, Del Valle S, Sanchez F, Song B, Hyman JM, Hethcote HW, Castillo-Chavez C. Mathematical Applications Associated with the Deliberate Release of Infectious Agents. In Modeling the Dynamics of Human Diseases Paradigms and Challenges. AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series 2006; 410:51-71. (pdf)

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