Mixing Patterns - Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Del Valle SY, Hyman JM, Hethcote HW, Chitnis N. Modeling Age and Mixing Patterns for Infectious Diseases. In Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Special Issue 2013 (in Press). (pdf)

Glasser J, Feng Z, Moylan A, Germundsson R, Del Valle S, Castillo-Chavez C. Mixing in age-structured population models of infectious diseases. Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, 2012; 235:1-7. (pdf)

LeGresley SE, Del Valle SY, Hyman JM. How People of Different Ages Spread Disease. In Proceedings of the 2011 Computational Social Science Society Conference. 2011. (pdf)

Del Valle S, Hyman JM, Hethcote HW, Eubank SG. Mixing Patterns Between Age Groups Using Social Networks. Social Networks, 2007; 29:539-554. (pdf)

Mixing Patterns - Book Chapters

Del Valle S, Stroud P, Mniszewski S. Dynamic contact patterns and social structure in realistic social networks. In Social Networks: Development, Evaluation, and Influence. Nova Science Publishers 2008. (pdf)

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