Computational Epidemiology - Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Mniszewski S, Del Valle S, Stroud P, Riese J, Sydoriak S. EpiSimS simulation of a multi-component strategy for pandemic influenza. In Proceedings of the 2008 Spring Simulation Multiconference. (pdf)

Mniszewski, Del Valle S, Stroud P, Riese J, Sydoriak S. Pandemic simulation of antivirals + school closures: buying time until strain-specific vaccine is available. Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory, 2008; 14:209-221. (pdf)

Stroud P, Del Valle S, Sydoriak S, Riese J, Mniszewski S. Spatial Dynamics of Pandemic Influenza in a Massive Artificial Society. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 2007; 10(9). (pdf)

Computational Epidemiology - Book Chapters

Del Valle SY, Mniszewski SM, Hyman JM. Modeling the Impact of Behavior Changes on the Spread of Pandemic Influenza. In Modeling the Interplay Between Human Behavior and Spread of Infectious Diseases. Springer-Verlang 2013; XIII, 329, pp. 59-77. (pdf)

Mniszewski SM, Del Valle SY, Priedhorsky R, Hyman JM, Hickman KS. Understanding the Impact of Face Mask Usage through Epidemic Simulation of Large Social Networks. In Modeling and Simulation of Complex Social Systems. Springer-Verlang 2013 (in Press).

Del Valle S, Stroud P, Mniszewski S. Dynamic contact patterns and social structure in realistic social networks. In Social Networks: Development, Evaluation, and Influence. Nova Science Publishers 2008. (pdf)

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