Relative States and the Environment Relative States and the Environment: Einselection, Envariance, Quantum Darwinism, and the Existential Interpretation.
Decoherence and Einselection Decoherence, Einselection, and the Quantum Origins of the Classical
Probabilities from Entanglement Environment-Assisted Invariance, Entanglement, and Probabilities in Quantum Physics,
Probabilities from Entanglement
Dynamics of Phase Transitions Dynamics of a Quantum Phase Transition,
Symmetry Breaking with a Slant: Topological Defects after an Inhomogeneous Quench,
Density of Kinks after a Quench
Quantum Darwinism Quantum Darwinism: Entanglement, Branches, and the Emergent Classicality of Redundantly Stored Quantum Information
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