LDRD-DR FY10-12:

Optimization and Control Theory for Smart Grids

PI: Michael Chertkov (T-4) [Statistical Physics, Graphical Algorithms]

co-PI: Russell Bent (D-4) [Optimization, Control Theory, Infrastructure Software]


Marian Anghel (CCS-3) [Network Analysis]
Alan P. Berscheid (D-4) [Power Engineering]
Scott Backhaus (MPA-10) [Experiment and Energy Hardware]
Eli Ben-Naim (T-4) [Statistical Physics, Rare Events]
Rajan Gupta (T-2) [Energy Policy, Modeling and Simulations]
Mark C. Hinrichs (D-4) [Power Engineering]
David Izraelevitz (D-6) [Multi-Objective Optimization]
Feng Pan (D-6) [Operation Research]
Nandakishore Santhi (CCS-3) [Information Theory, Software Engineering]
Nikolai Sinitsyn (T-4) [Complex Networks]
Gasper L. Toole (D-4) [Electrical Engineering]

Fellows and PostDocs:

Jason Johnson (CNLS & T-4, DFPD) [Graphical Models, Machine-Learning]
Shrinivas Kudekar (NMC & CNLS) [Information Theory]
Konstantin Turitsyn (CNLS & T-4, Oppenheimer Fellow) [Statistical Physics] -> Ass. Prof. at ME/MIT since Jan 2011
Lenka Zdeborova (CNLS & T-4, DFPD) [Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms] -> CNRS researcher at Saclay (France) since Oct 2010

Graduate Students:

Rene Pfitzner (NMC & CNLS, 07/2010-04/2011) [Statistical Physics] -> Graduate Student at ITH (Zurich)

Petr Sulc (NMC & CNLS, 09/2009-08/2010) [Statistical Physics] -> Graduate Student at Oxford (UK)

Institutional Collaborators/Advisers:

LANL Utility and Infrastructure Division : A. Erickson [Data, Application]

External Collaborators/Advisers:

Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM): W. Ranken, S. Willard [Data, Application]
Los Alamos Utility : J.E. Arrowsmith, R. De La Torre [Data, Application]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): M. Daleh, D. Gamarnik, S. Mitter [Optimization, Control & Queuing Theory]
UC Berkeley: P. Varaiya, K. Poola [Control Theory, Cyber Security & Power Grid]
UC Santa Barbara: F. Bullo [Control Theory & Synchronization]
U of Texas, Austin: R. Baldick [Power Engineering, Renewables]
U of Michigan, Ann Arbor: I. Hiskens [Power Engineering, Load Control]
U of Wisconsin Madison: I. Dobson [Grid Outages]
U of Vermont: P. Hines [Grid Control]
Pennsylvania State University: S. Blumsack [Grid Regulation]
U of Arizona, Tucson: M. Stepanov [Rare Events, Optimization]
University of Castilla-LaMancha: F. Milano [Power Solvers, Grid Control and Optimization]
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Incomplete List of Relevant (Power Grid) Research Papers [bib]
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Upcoming Conferences of Interest

Smart Grid Seminar Series we run at LANL

mini-workshop: Optimization and Control Theory for Smart Grids '2010 scheduled at CNLS/LANL for August 10-11, 2010

Our (this project already!) Recent Results: Papers, Progress Reports and Presentations

Our Old Publications Related to the Project:

Outages, Rare Events [bib]
Optimization, Control & Inference [bib]
Power, Energy [bib]
Infrustructure and Power Networks [bib]