LDRD Second Year Review, August 2011
M. Chertkov plenary talk at SIAM/DS on Voltage Collapse, Control of Reactive Loads, and Distance to Failures, May 2011
K. Turtisyn talk at SIAM/DS on Cascading Failures, May 2011
M. Anghel talk at SIAM/DS on Algebraic Methods for Power Flow Optimizations, May 2011
Our ``propaganda" slide/poster
M. Chertkov colloquium/seminar on Models, Optimization and Control, March-April 2011
Our presentation at LANL/IS&T review
Slides summarizing results of the first year of LANL Smart Grid DR (10/2010)
M. Chertkov talk on EV charging at IEEE SmartGridComm 2011, 10/2010
Our LANL-LDRD day poster 09/2010
Link to the mini-workshop we had at LANL in Aug 2010 with slides for 8 of ``our" talks, 10/2010
M. Chertkov colloquium/seminar on ``Optimization and Control Theory of Smart Grids", March-April 2010
J. Johnson talk on ``An Optimization Approach to Design of Electric Power Transmission Networks", February 2010
L. Zdeborova presentation at HICCS 43, Jan 2010
Our Poster for NNSA/LDRD meeting in DC, Aug 19, 2009
DR Committee Presentation, May 2009 (19 pages)
Presentation at Energy Town Hall LANL/county meeting (April 21, 2009; 5 pages)
Pre-Proposal Stage Presentation, Feb 2009 (7 pages)