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Software and Trace Distributions

As a by-product of our research, we produce various prototypes, tools and traffic traces. We are making these distributions available to researchers and practitioners in order to accelerate the improvement of networking infrastructure.

The copyrights for these distributions are held by Los Alamos National Laboratory. We ask that you give credit to the RADIANT team when you use them.

Software support, when available, will be performed by email. Please subscribe to the radiant-software mailing list and ask your questions there. The software's author will be subscribed but will probably not respond if you directly email them. Please use the list.


TICKET, a customized Linux kernel for traffic collection, WAN emulation, and network testing, is now available.


MPI BLAST, an unsupported, unfunded bioinformatics research project.


MAGNET is a low-overhead, high-performance tool for monitoring the Linux kernel. The software distribution consists of a patch file containing all documentation and accessory programs. You can download it from here.

Dynamic Right-Sizing

Software implementing the DRS, the Dynamic Right-Sizing algorithm, has been released. We especially encourage vendors, both open source and proprietary, to provide implementations of DRS for their operating systems. The software has been released under the GNU General Public License. If the GPL is too restrictive, please contact us.

Traffic Traces

We are currently compiling several large traffic traces with MAGNET and TICKET which we plan to distribute publicly very soon.