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Welcome to the home of the RADIANT team. Our objective is simple: to help develop the networking technology of the future.

Aspects of Networking Addressed

  • Theory, architecture, hardware, and software
  • Modeling, simulation, and implementation
  • Testbeds, the Internet, supercomputing environments, and computational grids

Our networking technology provides middleware and application researchers with the necessary communication substrate to address complex and diverse research problems such as those presented by the Grand Challenge applications, e.g., global climate modeling, quantum chromodynamics, and protein folding and sequence analysis.


Our research projects and associated collaborations with academia, industry, and other national laboratories are supported in part by:



Publications, presentations and white papers about our work.


About the eclectic group of individuals that make up RADIANT.


Looking for an internship, co-op, postdoc, or full-time staff position?


Code and traffic traces created as a byproduct of our research.