Anthony J. Zukaitis
Work Address:
Los Alamos National Lab
Diagnostics Applications (X-5)
Mail Stop F663
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Phone: (505)-665-1276
Fax: (505)-665-3046
Home Address:
Los Alamos, NM 87544


University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Department of Physics
Advisor: Dr. Tao Pang
Ph. D. in Physics, Recieved May 2001.
Dissertation Project: Density Functional Calculations of Rubidium under Pressure

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M. S. in Physics, Recieved May 1998
Master's Project: Classical Molecular Dynamics of a Polymer in a Solvent

University of Wyoming, Laramie
Department of Physics
B. S. in Physics, Recieved May 1996

  • Current Project: We are currently doing calculations on the high pressure phases of Rubidium at high pressure using Density Functional Theory.

  • Parallelization of the fhi98md Density Functional Package using Parallelization Directives and the SGI SCSL Parallel Math Libraries. A summary can be found at

  • Masters' Project: I wrote a classical molecular dynamics program to study the topological effects on the diffusion of polymers in a solvent. The program was parallelized using MPICH, an implementation of MPI.
  • Density Funtional Calculations of Rubidium under Pressure (UNLV Library 2001)
  • Molecular-dynamics simulations of polymers in a solvent (UNLV Library 1998)
  • Calculations of Phase Stability of Rubidium under Pressure (APS March Meeting 2001)

  • Topological Effects on the Diffusion of Polymers in a Solvent (APS March Meeting 1998)
  • GREAT Assistantship (Summer 2000)

  • Computer Modeling: Classical Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Monte Carlo, Parallelization Techniques, Visualization
  • Programming Languages: C, IDL, Fortran 77/90, Unix Shell Scripting
  • Computer Systems: x86, DEC Alpha, MIPS, T3E
  • Operating Systems: Win9x, Linux, SCO Unix, IRIX
  • Parallelization: MPI, SCSL, HP Fortran90
  • WWW: HTML, Apache, BBS, Server side maintenence, server side scripting
  • Micellaneous: Machining, Optics, Welding, Electronics, Networking, PC building and troubleshooting.
  • TSM Los Alamos National Lab MCNP Development Team (April 2005-Current)

  • Sr. Scientist Bechtel Nevada (Sept 2001 - March 2005)

  • Post Doc UNLV Physics (May 2001-July 2001)

  • Teaching Assistant UNLV (1996 - May 2001)
    Taught and coordinated some of the entry level undergraduate physics labs.

  • Hardware Technician DPN (1997-1998)
    Provided both hardware and software support for clients.

  • RMA Manager Blitz Computer (Summer 1996)
    Managed all warranty and defective returns of products.

  • Lab Assistant University of Wyoming (1994-1995)
    Miscellaneous machining, optical, electrical and programming projects.