Information Sciences Group
Computational & Statistical Sciences Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545

I am a computer scientist and project leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working in the areas of robustness and reliability in modern machine learning. In addition, I also have extensive research experience in semi-supervised learning, high-performance computing, graph algorithms, distributed computing and large-scale netwok modeling. I obtained my PhD in machine learning from the University of Washington.


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  • Deep Abstaining Classifier: Label denoising for deep learning. PyTorch implementation of the deep abstaining classifier (DAC) from our ICML 2019 paper is on github
  • SimX: SimX is a library for developing parallel, distributed-memory simulations in Python. SimX is written primarily in C++ and provides the simulation modeler with the core functionality needed in a parallel simulation library such as event queueing, time advancement, domain partitioning, synchronization and message passing. SimX APIs are exposed to Python, enabling rapid development and protyping of a parallel simulation entirely in Python. SimX is free software, available under the GNU LGPL license, and hosted on github.
  • PolyClip: Polyclip is a library for fast clipping (intersection) of 2-D polygons, written in C++. It supports arbitrarily shaped polygons, including multi-part, self-intersecting and holed polygons. Degenerate cases such as touching and overlapping polygons are also handled. Polyclip is free software, available under the GNU LGPL license. Visit the Polyclip SourceForge web page here.