West Antarctica: 2000-2001 season

This was a relatively short and easy field season, consisting of the third and final re-survey of the three "coffee-can" sites (see "Current Research") downstream from the ice stream D "onset" region. These surveys were conducted as day-trips via Twin Otter aircraft from the Siple Dome field camp. We also conducted re-survey's of two similar sites for collegues at Ohio State and the University of Maine. Included here are some pictures taken during our time in the field and also from around McMurdo Station.

Siple Dome field camp seen from the air. The skiway (runway) runs left to right near the middle of the picture. A cluster of tents where people sleep can be seen near the middle-bottom of the image.

Twin Otter aircraft on the ground at Siple Dome.

Halo at Siple Dome formed due to refraction in blowing ice crystals.

Sunset at the at Siple Dome camp.

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