West Antarctica: 1999-2000 season

Fieldwork during this season consisted of a 2nd re-survey of the three "coffee-can" sites (see "Current Research") downstream from the ice stream D "onset" region. These were conducted as day-trips via Twin Otter from the large field camp at Siple Dome. In addition, we aided collegues from The Ohio State University in a re-survey of a line of poles across the onset region of ice stream D, installed the previous year. The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of the ice stream shear margins in a region where the ice switches from inland-style flow to streaming-style flow.

Most of the following pictures are from that portion of the field season. Due to some stormy weather and some very poor visibility weather, we were at the onset D field site for approximatley 1 week (much of it spent confined to the tent). The survey itself, conducted using kinematic GPS techniques as the line of poles was traversed by snowmachine, was done over two (long) days.

Also included are some pictures from around McMurdo Station, and from Siple Dome field camp, where we spent time prior to getting to our field sites. There are also a few pictures from a "morale cruise" out of McMurdo at the end of the season. The ship is the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker "Polar Sea".

Windy day at remote camp near the onset to ice stream D.

Kinematic GPS survey traverse across the onset region to ice stream D.

Near white-out conditions at onset D camp.

Sunset at the onset D camp.

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