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Gigabyte System Network Analyzer Interface

The GSNA interface is web based designed for cross-platform/cross-browser compatibility. Both test definition and test results will be presented as web pages .

Test definition will utilize a pattern definition tool and a statement generator tool. The pattern generator tool will allow users to define bit patterns referencing protocols, micropacket depth, and bit fields. Bit field definition will be implemented as a web form that will support selectable default values, don't cares, and user defined input. The user interface will have input validation to detect common test definition errors. The user defined patterns can then be used as components in the interactive statement generator tool to specify conditional statements that result in user selectable actions. The statement generator allows the selection of patterns, logical operators, and actions in order to build a real time test algorithm that is displayed to the user. Once a test has been defined and the submit button is enabled, an instruction set derived from the defined algorithm will be transmitted via the user's web browser to the GSNA. Both patterns and statements can be assigned user defined individual labels. The user interface will support downloading user patterns and statements at the end of a user session as well as uploading statements and patterns to support future sessions. The results of a test transmitted by the GSNA will be processed and formatted for display in the user's browser.

Development of the interface will evolve based upon user feedback. It is expected that a set of predefined routine tests, functions, and desired features will emerge after a period of field testing that will result in incremental version updates of the interface software. The first generation interface will feature extended flexibility in order to accommodate a wide range of test options.

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