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Gigabyte System Network Analyzer Function

The GSNA is not a stand-alone device - instead, it is an add-on card to a switch that "vampires" off of the data stream through the switch. In this manner, the GSNA can see a full GSN stream without affecting the connection.

In order to keep up with the 500MHz 16-bit wide GSN messaging, the first stage of the GSNA breaks down the data into a much wider connection. The data then flows through a series of fully-configurable specialized chips that match the data to patterns, filter the matches, and then store the data into memory.

All of this configuration is done through an on-board MPC860T microprocessor (a complete computer-on-a-chip) and a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection. The software running on the microprocessor allows anyone with an internet browser to setup, run, and download tests through an interactive GUI.

GSN Diagram

The analyzer will be indispensable in the troubleshooting and diagnosis of network problems. When the network analyzer is put into a problem link, a trained network technician can diagnose not only the nature of the problem but also the source of the problem.

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