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HiPPI-6400/Gigabyte System Network

The first gigabit/sec standard network channel, the High Performance Parallel Interface was originally developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and became an ANSI standard for sustained transmission of either 800 or 1600 bits per second.

The successor to original HiPPI, HiPPI-6400 is ANSI's highest-bandwidth, lowest latency standard network channel, delivering 6.4 gigabits/sec over an error-correcting link. HiPPI-6400 was developed by a consortium of supercomputer vendors, developers, and users, and is known commercially as the Gigabyte System Network.

The Gigabyte System Network Analyzer (GSNA), under development by the Advanced Development Team of CCN-5, is the latest HiPPI project for the Laboratory. This technology is vital to the GSN system as it will become an indispensable tool for network maintenance and troubleshooting. The GSNA will analyze a full GSN stream (one packet every 40 µseconds), checking for standard errors and pattern sequences. The full functionality of the GSNA will be available via a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection to any machine with an internet browser, making the analyzer a robust, simple, and portable solution. Click on the following links for more information on the functionality and web interface of the analyzer.

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