Philip Jones

Phil's Autobiographical Description of His Work Life and How It May or May Not Fit in the Grand Scheme of Things


The Overview

Phil is the Project Leader (with Bob Malone) of the Climate Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling (COSIM), thus providing another empirical example of the Peter Principle. Besides these project management responsibilities, Phil is primarily interested in the use of high performance computers in climate and ocean sciences. As shown below, his efforts are divided between software and performance of the Parallel Ocean Program (POP) and the development of regridding and interpolation tools for use in coupled climate models.



Phil continues to be the lead software developer of the Parallel Ocean Program (POP). As such, he is responsible (for better or worse) for the software design, maintenance and user support of the model. He also is responsible for obtaining the best computational performance of the model on every available architecture, a task made easier by his collaboration with several colleagues (thanks Pat, John, Kah-Song, Yoshi!).


Phil created the Spherical Coordinate Remapping and Interpolation Package (SCRIP) and continues to make this code more robust and accurate. The main focus recently has been to incorporate the SCRIP functionality into the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) and other models like the CSU geodesic model.


As described above, Phil is working on the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF). His contributions are mainly focused on regridding modules, but he has also been active in the design and implementation of the Grid modules and grid descriptions in ESMF.

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Pedigree (Education)

Ph.D. 1991: University of Colorado, Boulder
Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Science with a thesis entitled Compressible Convection and Pulsations on Massively Parallel Computers
B.S. 1985: Iowa State University
Physics and Mathematics with distinction.

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Positions Held

Sep 2003 -- present
Project Leader, Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling
May 1993 -- present
Staff Member, Theoretical Division, Theoretical Fluid Dynamics Group (T-3), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
Sep 1991 -- May 1993
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, Geoanalysis Group (formerly EES-5, no longer exists), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

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Outside of work, Phil spends most of his time with his wife Heather, his son Doug, his daughter Maria and their three dogs Holly, Ivy and Floss. They live in Los Alamos, NM. Phil plays trombone in a variety of groups, including the Los Alamos Symphony, the Los Alamos Big Band, the Quemazon Brass Quartet and the Quint pro Quo brass quintet. He also enjoys golf and skiing.

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