Mark W. Paris
Staff member
Theoretical Nuclear Physics
T-2: Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Theoretical Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Recent talks
Date Venue Title
07 October 2013 CNR*13: 4th International Workshop on Compound-Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics Toward a self-consistent and unitary nuclear reaction network
20 June 2013 E.E. Ford Summer Teachers's Colloquium A primer on Quantum Mechanics
20 May 2013 Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VI R-matrix analysis of reactions in the B-9 compound system (poster) (talk)
5 March 2013 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology R-matrix analysis of reactions in the 9B compound system
23-27 May 2011 Sixth International Workshop on Pion-Nucleon Partial-Wave Analysis and the Interpretation of Baryon Resonances Unified multichannel unitary amplitudes for hadro- and photoproduction
25 Jan 2011 Workshop on Amplitude Analysis & Hadron Spectroscopy, ECT*, Villazzano, Italy Unified description of hadro- and photoproduction amplitudes
20 Apr 2010 George Washington University Physics Department Colloquium Quantum chromodynamics, resonances, and the Riemann-Hilbert problem
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