Dr. J. Tinka Gammel
T-17, MS B221
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Tel: 505-667-9149
E-Mail: jtg@lanl.gov


Theorist at Work

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Other Activites

     Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra (LASO)     

New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering (NMNWSE)
   Expanding Your Horizons Conferences
   Careers: Exploring the Possibilities
New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering's Careers Booklet, created and published by NMNWSE for our annual Expanding Your Horizons conferences.  

Me at the oars in an 18' raft, running Lava Falls backwards....
Lava Falls, Grand Canyon: click for full resolution image [1.2M]
I wonder why my passenger looks scared??

Me canoeing Souse Hole on the Rio Grande (Racecourse section near Pilar)
canoeing Souse Hole

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