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Nonlinear Highlights


Time Reversal in Solids (Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity)

Time Reversal of the 2004 (M9.0) Sumatra Earthquake

Click image to play movie.

Movie of the vertical component of displacement field on a map limited to a region around the source point.

Two hundred seconds before the theoretical time of the focalisation we can see the two main remains of the converging wave fronts collapsing into one single point. Afterwards, this latter moves towards the south until the moment corresponding to the centroid time at which starts to appears a new diverging wave front. This migration to the South is coherent with what is known about the history of the fault rupture: the fault plane ruptured from the epicenter in the South towards the North. The size of the focal spot makes it difficult to clearly extract the features of the rupture. We chose to compare (by deconvolution) this result with the focalisation of the pre-shock of 2002.

Created by Carène Larmat.


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