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Moscow Stimulation Conference Abstracts

This archive contains 20 expanded abstracts from the 16th International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics held in Moscow, Russia in August 2002. These abstracts represent selected talks or posters presented by the authors at a special satellite scientific event of the symposium, titled "Elastic-Wave Effects on Fluids in Porous Media".

Also included are a 2-page meeting summary ("Conf_Summ.pdf"), the technical program ("Conf_Prog.pdf"), and a list of topics ("Disc_Topics.pdf") that were partially addressed during roundtable discussions at the meeting.

The abstracts were also published in the ISNA-16 Proceedings volume, scheduled for early 2003. They are distributed here by permission of the International Organizing Committee for the Moscow stimulation conference.

The archive is available below in Stuffit (.sit), Zip (.zip) or TAR (.tgz) format. Each file is 3.8 Mb.

Disclaimer: Documents included in this archive are reproduced as received from the authors. No technical or editorial reviews have been performed on them. They are made available for informational purposes only and do not represent any endorsements or opinions of the person or institution distributing them.

For help or questions, contact Peter Roberts.

LA-UR (03-0568) January 2003

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