Seismic Stimulation for Enhanced Production of Oil Reservoirs


Project Structure

Los Alamos and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories are funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Fossil Energy (FE), through the Natural Gas and Oil Technology Partnership (NGOTP). Collaborators from the oil and gas industry provide in-kind, cost-shared, non-proprietary contributions to the research effort.

Current Industry Partners

AERA Energy LLC, Applied Seismic Research Corp., Chevron, Conoco, Fluidic Technologies, Halliburton, Marathon, Oil and Gas Consultants Intl., PerfClean Intl., Phillips, Piezo Sona-Tool, Texaco, Wave Energy Resources, Wellington Operating Co.

Current Participants - List of contacts from each participating organization.

For additional information contact Peter Roberts or Ernie Majer.

Project Proposals

NGOTP projects are funded one year at a time (roughly January-to-January). Proposals for each new year are reviewed and ranked by an Industry Review Panel at the annual NGOTP review meeting. The top-ranked proposals get continued funding for another year.

The 1997 NGOTP Seismic Stimulation Startup Proposal was ranked number 2 out of the 12 total proposals presented. The project received 70% of the funding requested, so several of the proposed tasks and deliverables mentioned in the proposal had to be trimmed or deleted for the first year.

1998 NGOTP Seismic Stimulation Continuation Proposal - As a new-start project, the renewal proposal was not required to undergo the usual Industry Review Panel ranking. Based on the progress made in FY1998, the project was automatically renewed.

1999 NGOTP Seismic Stimulation Continuation Proposal - The project was re-competed at the November 1999 NGOTP review meeting in Houston. The project was ranked high enough to be continued for a third year.

Project Technical Components

Project Meeting 1

Project Progress Reports

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