Next-Generation Seismic Modeling and Imaging

Project Goals

The project aims to improve 3-D seismic modeling and imaging.  Through collaboration with oil and gas industry participants, appropriate 3-D elastic models will be designed and built for the numerical modeling efforts. These models will be provide challenging tests of 3-D imaging, as well as calibration of processing routines. New 3-D imaging methods will be developed and tested and compared to available methods. The project aims to reduce the financial and environmental costs of exploring and producing oil and gas.

What Is It?

This effort is a collaboration between SEG (through a subcommittee of the SEG Research Committee) and the U.S. Department of Energy (through the National Gas and Oil Technology Partnership) and national laboratories and universities. The U.S. Department of Energy provides funding for the national laboratory participants, and much of the funding for the university participants. The industry participants fund their own time, and provide in-kind contributions to the project.

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What's New?

3-D Subsalt Images

Images Obtained Using Multi-Valued Travel Time Tables

3-D Elastic Modeling Results

Possible Models (2D and 3D) (In progress)

Project Meeting, Sept. 2000

NGOTP/DIT Project Review, November, 2000 and November, 1999

The Next SEG/EAGE Seismic Model Workshop - 1999 SEG Meeting, Houston.

SEG Presentations (In progress)

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