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Recent Publications
Curriculum Vitae
         Hristo N. Djidjev

Technical Staff Member

Los Alamos National Laboratory
          Information Sciences
          P.O. Box 1663, MS B256
          Los Alamos, NM 87545

          Email: <my family name>@lanl.gov  
          Phone: 505-667-7589  
          Fax: 505-665-7464
          home page http://public.lanl.gov/djidjev
Research Interests
  • Combinatorial algorithms: shortest paths, graph partitioning, combinatorial optimization
  • Network analysis: data mining, community structure detection, network visualization
  • Software-hardware codesign: optimization problems in S/H mapping and codesign
  • Sensor networks: coverage, placement, optimization
  • Algorithm engineering: efficient implementation of combinatorial algorithms

    Last updated: 1/3/2013