Arthur F. Voter

Theoretical Division
T-1, MS B214
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545

email: my initials at
(505) 667-6198

Nanoscale roughness showing cliffs in
vapor deposited growth of Cu on Cu(100),
simulated using spatially parallelized
temperature accelerated dynamics (ParTAD).
Y. Shim et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 116101 (2008).

Art Voter is a Laboratory Fellow in group T-1 in the Theoretical Division
at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research is focused on development and
application of atomistic simulation methods for problems in chemistry, physics
and materials science. Currently his main interest is in the development of
accelerated molecular dynamics methods for reaching long time scales
in the simulation of complex infrequent-event systems.

Brief Bio
Representative publications
Brief introduction to accelerated dynamics methods

Some brief introductory presentations in pdf format:

Introduction to accelerated molecular dynamics
Brief introduction to hyperdynamics
Brief introduction to parallel-replica dynamics
Brief introduction to temperature-accelerated dynamics (TAD)

Current AMD group members and some of our collaborators

(July, 2015)
Luis Sandoval (T-1 postdoc)
Dipanjan Ray (T-1 postdoc)
Richard Zamora (T-1 postdoc)
Danny Perez (T-1 staff member)
Blas Uberuaga (MST-8 staff member)
Enrique Martinez (MST-8 staff member)
Marc Cawkwell (T-1 staff member)
Tim Germann (T-1 staff member)
Anders Niklasson (T-1 staff member)
Stephan Eidenbenz (CCS-3 staff member)
Sue Mniszewski (CCS-3 staff member)

Former postdocs

Christoph Junghans (LANL)
Chen Huang (Florida State)
Chun-Yaung (Albert) Lu
Gopinath Subramanian (U. Southern Mississippi)
Louis Vernon (LANL)
Valery Borovikov
Chun-Wei Pao (National Taiwan Univ.)
Abhijit Chatterjee (IIT Bombay)
Danny Perez (LANL)
Jacob Eapen (NC State)
Soo Young Kim
Graeme Henkelman (U. Texas, Austin)
Blas Uberuaga (LANL)
Francesco Montalenti (U. Milano-Bicocca)
Torben Rasmussen
Mads R. Sorensen (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)
Wolfgang Windl (Ohio State)
Thomas J. Lenosky

Miscellaneous: (sorry -- these movies are not working so well at this time...)

Some of the complicated events that can take place on a small patch of silver surface with just a few simple defects. (This is why we develop accelerated molecular dynamics methods!)

TAD simulation collapse of some 60-atom nanotube slices on the microsecond time scale.
B.P. Uberuaga, S.J. Stuart, W. Windl, M. Masquelier, and A.F. Voter,
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 987, 115 (2012).

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