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Inter-Realm Infrastructure for Security

Virtual supercomputing, i.e., high-performance grid computing, is poised to revolutionize the way we think about and use computing. However, the security of the links interconnecting the nodes within such an environment will be its Achilles heal, particularly when secure communication is required to tunnel through heterogeneous domains.

The need for cyber-security is not limited to grid computing alone. Wireless networks are experiencing explosive growth and yet security is primitive at best. Emerging communication fabrics, such as sensor area networks, also have specialized security requirements. The key insights are

Any infrastructure which purports to provide flexible end-to-end security for virtual supercomputing, wireless computing or even general Internet use must have the following features

Our proposed solution, Inter-Realm Cyber-Security Infrastructure (IRIS), addresses each of the areas outlined above to provide a comprehensive and flexible multi-domain infrastructure for security that covers the range of applications from minimal to extremely stringent security requirements.