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RADIANT Traffic Characterization

The ability to predict the overall behavior of aggregate network traffic has far-reaching implications with respect to the scheduling of network traffic, traffic shaping, flow control, and congestion control (all integral parts of the TCP protocol), especially with emerging high-bandwidth, real-time applications and an exponentially increasing Internet population.

While network traffic characterization has been studied extensively due to its importance in network scheduling and throughput, an accurate characterization of network traffic still remains elusive. All case studies thus far have been limited in scope, e.g., few users, low traffic utilization, or limited networking technologies, or have focused on the wrong issues, e.g., file-size distribution. Thus, a more rigorous study of network traffic needs to be done as we head into the Next-Generation Internet (NGI).

With an accurate characterization in hand, we can then propose modifications and overhauls to the TCP protocol to significantly improve network performance over the Internet as well as private networks, such as those in use at LANL.

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