Nathan M. Urban

I am an Energy Security Fellow in the Computational Physics and Methods group (CCS-2) at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

My research centers on global climate change from an Earth system perspective, with an emphasis on Bayesian data-model calibration, probabilistic prediction, risk assessment, and decision analysis.

I study climate change and decision making under uncertainty. My research interests encompass a broad range of questions related to climate prediction, uncertainty, learning, and economic policy analysis. What is our uncertainty about the future climate, how can we reduce this uncertainty, and what are its policy implications, accounting for our ability to learn over time? What are our practical limitations in how accurately and quickly we can learn about the future?

My work involves many aspects of the Earth system, including climate system feedbacks, nonlinearities, and thresholds ("tipping points"); ice sheet dynamics and sea level rise; shallow and deep time paleoclimate; biogeochemistry and the terrestrial and ocean carbon cycles; and interactions between these systems (e.g., cryosphere-ocean-carbon cycle interactions).

My main methodological approach is Bayesian data-model calibration, which assigns probabilities to climate simulation scenarios in proportion to how well they agree with observed data. I am interested in how to statistically combine diverse lines of evidence and models in order to most effectively use the information contained therein, accounting for inevitable limitations in the quality of both the data and the models.

I am currently working on projects related to learning about climate system feedbacks, ice sheet stability, and ocean data assimilation (regional-decadal climate forecasting).

Curriculum Vitae


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