Corrosion - Electrochemistry Equipment and Software

S.A.I. Scribner Associates Inc. Designers and manufacturers of fine electrochemical hardware and software for the corrosion, electrochemical, and fuel cell communities. Will also custom design to fit your electrochemical needs .... ask for Louie.

Solartron Inc., manufacturers of world class (electrochemical) solutions.

EG&G - Princeton Applied Research (PAR), Equipment for use by pure and applied researchers in the area of electrochemistry and signal recovery.

Gamry Instruments founded in June of 1989. Its founders were entrepreneurs with previous knowledge of electrochemical instrumentation - both as development engineers and as electrochemists.

Misc. Corrosion companies

The Corrosioneering on-line news-letter and CLI International Inc. (CLI) (formerly Cortest Laboratories, Inc.) was established in Houston, Texas in 1982 by Dr. Russell D. Kane to provide contract services for materials evaluation, corrosion testing, consulting and failure analysis to industry.

PCL - Protective Coatings, Linings and Related Resources is devoted to providing up to date, relevant information about products and services for the Protective Coatings, Linings, Painting and Corrosion Industry.

Farwest Corrosion control of California is the premier provider of corrosion control products and services. Farwest has over 36 years of experience providing cathodic protection-related materials, engineering and installation services for a variety of industries including oil and gas, pipeline, water, wastewater, power, marine and telephone.

Allied Corrosion Industries A full-service corrosion control corporation providing state-of-the-art
materials, engineering, and installation services to industry for 17 years.

The Shefield Centre for Corrosion Technology (UK) provides cost effective technical support to industry concerning the implication of materials operating within corrosive environments.

BAC Corrosion Control (UK) is a long-established company that supplies products and services to the Corrosion Control Industry throughout the world.

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