To access these publications, please choose the appropriate topic listed below (note: each topic contains multiple papers). These MCEL publications (released both internally and externally) have been issued Los Alamos Unclassified Release numbers may be viewed on-line and down-loaded with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free-ware for Windows or Mac).

Corrosion Electrochemistry:

Passivity and Breakdown of Beryllium
Corrosion Durring High Energy Proton Irradiation
DLC-Coatings as a Barrier to Corrosion
Passivity/Corrosion/SCC of Tungsten, Stainless Steel, and Metal-Matrix

Gallium Issues in Materials Disposition (removal, thermal vaporization, embrittlement)

Corrosion, Cracking, and Embrittlement of Storage Containers for Radioactive Materials

CO2 Sequestration

Silicon Nitride Oxidation

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